Untouchable                                 supporting                           Weinstein Company/Neil Burger

Son Of No One                              supporting                          Millenium pictures/ Dito Montiel

Forged                                          supporting                           Revere Pictures, William Wedig (Director)

The Buffoon                                  lead                                     Albert St. Productions

Call Waiting                                  supporting                            Mind's Eye Pictures


Girls                                               costar                                  HBO

Difficult People                                costar                                  Hulu

Law & Order SVU                            costar recurring                   NBC/Universal

Fantasy Football Promo                   supporting                           ESPN

One Life To Live (2009-2010)          costar recurring                   ABC

Law & Order SVU                             costar                                  NBC/Universal




Tales From the Oven                     Multiple characters           Jim Gaffigan (director) Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Anna Christie Marthy Owen            Metropolitan Playhouse      Robert Kalfin (Director)

Mrs. Packard Ensemble                   McCarter Theater, Kennedy Center - Emily Mann (Director)

The Sun Shines East                     Dodo                                 Marjorie S. Deane Theater - Pat Golden

Sepul'kur                                      Wicka                                Greenwich Street Theater

The Keeper                                    Catherine McCabe             The Public Theater & WBAI

Othello (adaptation)                       Iago                                  Aaron Davis Hall 

The Devil Of Delancey Street          Delia                                 78th St.Theater Lab

Where Sleeping God’s Lie               Sister Marilyn                     Manhattan Theater Source

Romeo and Juliet                           Nurse                                 Author’s Playhouse

The Overdevelopment of Scott       Gracious                             Dixon Place

Line                                               Molly                                 Third Eye Repertory

Extremities                                    Marjorie                             W.4th St. Theater

Fool For Love                                  May                                   Theater In The Square

Moon For The Misbegotten           Josie                                     Seaview Playwrights

Steel Magnolias                              Truvy                                 Greenpoint Repertory

COMEDY  - Improv, Sketch & Interactive Theater

Los Banditos Chocolate Improv                                                   Stand Up NY, Boston Comedy Club                

Improv Central                                                                           Rose’s Turn, NY Comedy Club, touring

Hiatus Improv                                                                             Cornelia Street Cafe, John Houseman

The Soapranos                             Mama Soaprano                      NY Dinner Theater        

Mostly Murder                               Madame Zorra                        Art Feinglass Productions

Class Reunion                               Mildred, Cafeteria Matron         L.A. Productions

57 Stories                                      Improvised Soap                   Theater for the New City

Ailanthus Grove (live soap)           Preacher's wife                         The Grove Street Playhouse

Funny...Sheesh sketch comedy     Multiple characters                   Don't Tell Mama, Duplex


SPECIAL SKILLS: dialects & accents, working with kids (certified teacher N-6)    


Best Supporting Actress in a One Act Play  from Spotlight On Productions