“I certainly want to know more about Chateau’s experiences while in Georgia. The play comes alive during the scenes set in Georgia when Christine and her husband are pushed out of their comfort zone. Much of this is due to Karen Christie-Ward's performance; she is delightful as Christine and Robert’s intermediary.  Christie-Ward invests her character with earthy, amiable energy, and her too-short time onstage elevates the entire play. I wish The Sun Shines East had focused more on the story in Georgia, if only to give Christie-Ward more stage time.” 

Amanda LaPergola, Theatre Is Easy, 2.12.14


Karen Christie-Ward as Dodo is warm, but tough; a realistic portrayal of a woman working against the odds of Georgia’s changing government policies. The small cast makes seamless shifts in supporting roles; Tara Gadomski, Karen Christie-Ward and Marina Kaganova are so convincing in their multiple parts that you may not realize this is just a cast of six.”

- Marina P. Kennedy, Playing Around, 2.4.14;

“Christine (Amy Staats) and her husband, Robert (Bristol Pomeroy), decide to adopt. They fly all the way to Tblisi, Georgia to meet with Dodo (the spot-on authentic Karen Christie-Ward), a pediatrician who is helping to facilitate the adoption.”

– Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania, 2.3.2014;

THE OVERDEVELOPMENT OF SCOTT: "The Overdevelopment of Scott works, mostly because Fogarty and her energetic cast so clearly mean it." NYTHEATRE.COM.  Starring Karen Christie-Ward (Gracious), Jason Grossman (Freddy), John Hartmann (Technician 2), Robyn Hussa (Virginia), Sanjay Kaul (Tito), Charles Moran (Scott), Sam Regal (Technician 1) and Monica Russell (Esther).

"Featuring Karen Christie-Ward, Sam Regal, John Hartmann and Jason Grossman, The Overdevelopment of Scott is funny and sad, horrific and humorous, dramatic and damned entertaining, all at once." ANTIMATTERS, NYC.
WHERE SLEEPING GODS LIE: "Zany, naughty, sweet and deliberately (slightly) slapdash, Where Sleeping Gods Lie is performed with vigor and warmth by a cast of six, all of whom are regular Fogarty collaborators.  Karen Christie Ward, Catherine Rogers, and Fogarty herself are delightful as Marilyn, Greta, and Marlena, respectively."

PUTNAM: "Karen Christie Ward is blithely flighty (pun intended) as "Mary" (Amelia Earhart) in this very satisfying fairy tale about the importance of faith and the power of love. It's delightfully entertaining."

THE DEVIL OF DELANCEY STREET: " Frequently presiding center stage, with arms outstretched, is actress Karen Christie Ward as Delia, the mystical switchboard operator who helps connect the conversations of these many characters from heaven, hell, and in between. Christie inhabits a number of other minor characters, bringing to each a new and focused sense of body language and facial contortion that hints of her versatility." The People's Critic.

"Joining Fogarty on stage are some of her frequent collaborators, including the invaluable Karen Christie-Ward as Delia."